Steering & Suspension





Several warning signs can tell you when shocks or struts need replacing, squatting during acceleration or if your car keeps bouncing after crossing bumps. Other signs are if your car’s nose is diving when braking or feels like it is rolling when cornering. Since shocks wear out gradually it might be hard to tell the change in your cars performance.

We check your shocks for any major leaks, worn mounts or bushings, or physical damage such as dents. If your car requires replacements we can provide that service and we only replace both front or rear shocks and struts at the same time for improved ride performance.

Steering & Suspension Costs


Replace Shocks*

Replace Struts*

Replace Constant Velocity (CV) Half-Shafts

Replace Swaybar Links

Replace Inner Tie-Rod

Steering and Suspension Evaluation

* priced per axel
+Price based on $145 an hour for a 2002 Ford Escape 3.0 Liter Engine
#Price based on $150 an hour for a 2002 Ford Escape 3.0 Liter Engine








Atypical Mechanic







What We Do

Inspect shocks or struts
Replace if leaking or damaged
Inspect mounts and bushings
Replace parts if needed

Perform safety inspection
Test drive vehicle

Good To Know


 A qualified technician should inspect and road test your vehicle’s shocks and struts every year or 12,000 miles.

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