Electrical Troubleshooting





Electrical evaluations are tricky, there is no set time track down a broken wire or a bad connection; however, most jobs take less than three hours to complete. We have equipment designed to make electrical evaluations quicker but there are still times we have to take parts of the car off to track a wire.

Voltage drop testing is probably the best way to find an electrical fault in a wiring. Voltage drops as it travels through circuits, allowing you can tell if a circuit is being used by measuring voltage at different points in a circuit. Amps are the same throughout an entire circuit, so a circuit that starts with five Amps should end with five Amps.

Electrical Troubleshooting Costs


Electrical Troubleshooting*

*Based on 2 Hours



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What We Do

Run Diagonstic Tests
Identify Issues

Provide detailed report
Make repairs

Good To Know


 Unless you’re an expert the only two elements of a car’s twelve-volt electrical system you should test on your own is the battery and the alternator. 

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