Cooling System Flush





A cooling system flush completely drains the system of the old coolant (antifreeze) and replaces it with new coolant. It is crucial to replace a vehicle’s coolant because if it becomes too acidic it will deteriorate coolant parts like water pumps and heater cores.

Additional benefits of a cooling system flush are to remove rust and scale deposits and any possible contaminants. The new coolant has additives that lubricate the vehicle’s water pump prolonging its life and help to protect against corrosion and build up in the radiator.

Cooling System Flush Cost


Coolant Flush

* Includes 2 gallons of universal antifreeze
*Price is in conjunction with another service
*If the fluid exchange is the only service there will be a $110 minimum charge for labor plus the cost of the antifreeze



Atypical Mechanic


What We Do

Bring car to operating temperature
Flush the old coolant
Close Valve and fill with water

Repeat process
Fill radiator with coolant mixture
Check system for leaks

Good To Know


 If there isn’t a correct mix of coolant and water, a freeze could crack the engine block.

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