Brake Repair





Are your brakes squeaking or squealing? These noises are usually just an indication that the pads need to be replaced. If there aren’t any other issues it’s usually okay just to replace pads or shoes.

If you hear a grinding noise you probably have a pad that is grinding into the rotor. We believe that if the rotor is scored by a pad it will need to be fixed. We replace rotors with new rotors under these circumstances.

If you have a pulsation when applying the brakes you have some warped rotors. Pulsation usually doesn’t affect the braking ability but it is unnerving for many drivers. In this situation we would replace the rotors.

These are just a few issues that are common with brake problems. Feel free to call us and ask for any advice on your braking needs!

Brake Repair Costs


Replace Brake Pads

Replace Brake Pads and Rotors

Replace Master Cylinder

Replace Power Booster

+Price based on $145 an hour for a 2002 Honda Accord 3.0 Liter Engine
*Price based on $150 an hour for a 2002 Honda Accord 3.0 Liter Engine






Atypical Mechanic





What We Do

Inspect brake pads
Replace if less than 3mm thick
Inspect rotors, calipers and hoses
Replace parts if needed

Refill brake fluid
Perform safety inspection
Test drive vehicle

Good To Know


 You should have a mechanic measure the thickness of your brake pads every 12 months. If a brake-warning light is on get your brake system inspected immediately.

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