Transmission Fluid Exchange





A transmission fluid flush uses a professional machine to flush out all the transmission fluid from your vehicle and is much more efficient than a transmission fluid change that relies on gravity. The mileage required for transmission fluid changing varies a lot over different manufacturers, but we recommended every two years or 30,000 miles.

Your transmission fluid may need to be flushed if you hear your transmission grinding or making strange sounds. A delay before moving after your car is in gear or your car is surging forward probably means the transmission fluid is contaminated. You might have a transmission leak or be low on fluid if your transmission is slipping out of gear.

Transmission Fluid Service Cost


Transmission Fluid Exchange*

*Includes 8 quart of transmission fluid (some transmissions may require more fluid)
*Some types of transmission fluid may cost more
+ Based on $145 an hour for a 2002 Honda Accord 3.0 Liter engine
# Based on $150 an hour for a 2002 Honda Accord 3.0 Liter engine



Atypical Mechanic


What We Do

Flush transmission fluid
Replace all fluid, including the fluid in the torque converter

Check for leaks
Test drive vehicle

Good To Know


 There are several types of transmission fluid. Make sure to check your owner’s manual before adding fluid to your car.

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