Maintenance Services





Regular maintenance services are required on every vehicle and detailed in the service manual to validate warranty compliance. Most maintenance items are scheduled while others are at mileage intervals. Scheduled maintenance prevents breakdowns and guarantees the safety of your passengers. A well-maintained car can lead to significant savings in the long run by replacing inexpensive parts a preventing complete engine failure.

Maintenance Services Costs


Spark Plugs

Replace Timing Belt

Air Filter or Cabin Air Filter*

Scheduled Maintenance

+Price based on $130 an hour for a 2002 Honda Accord 3.0 Liter Engine
#Price based on $120 an hour for a 2002 Honda Accord 3.0 Liter Engine
*Prices are based on inclusion with other services






Atypical Mechanic





What We Do

Service at your location
Follow manufacturers guidelines

Perform safety checks
Test drive vehicle

Good To Know


Factory recommended maintenance schedules can help extend the life of your car and prevent high-cost auto repairs.

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