Car Won’t Start





It is frustrating when your car won’t start and unfortunately almost every car owner has experienced this at some time. It may be hard to figure out if a car isn’t starting but there are some symptoms that will give you an idea of which part is bad.

If you try and start your car and nothing happens it might mean the cables are corroded and need to be replaced. Clicking when turning the key indicates different problems, one click usually means a bad starter, but multiple clicks is a bad battery. When a car is cranking but won’t start it is probably an issue with the fuel system, but a car that starts and keeps dying may have an issue with the carburetor or fuel injection system.

Repair Costs


Replace Battery Terminals

Replace Battery

Replace Starter

Replace Alternator

Replace Fuel Pump

+Prices based on $145 an hour for a 2002 Honda Accord 3.0 Liter Engine
*Prices based on $150 an hour for a 2002 Honda Accord 3.0 Liter Engine







Atypical Mechanic






What We Do

Perform a load test
Remove bad battery
Replace bad battery

Clean battery cables
Install anti-corrosion washers
Test charge system

Good To Know


 Next time you need a jump call Uber, it will cost you around $8. (you might need cables) 

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