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As cars become more fuel efficient, leaks in the emission systems becomes more important. Unfortunately finding leaks can be tough. We have the tools and expertise to find the problem.

Smoke testing, in some cases, is the only way to find a leak. For EVAP testing its essential. In some cases the gas cap needs to be replaced but in most situations there is a pinhole leak causing the check engine light to come on. Smoke testing is also a big help for small exhaust leaks. An exhaust leak can make the oxygen sensors turn on a check engine light. In most cases the leaks are easy to find but when they aren’t smoking the exhaust is necessary.

Smoke Test Evaluation Costs



Vacuum Leaks*

Exhaust Leaks*

*Based on 1 Hour





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 Unless you’re an expert the only two elements of a car’s twelve-volt electrical system you should test on your own is the battery and the alternator. 

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