Basic Troubleshooting



Obd I

Obd II

Basic troubleshooting usually takes an hour to complete and focuses on providing recommendations for any auto repairs that need to be made. We only charge for our time and will discuss any additional costs prior to beginning service.

The Check Engine Light is linked to all the systems in a car and turns on when anything is amiss. If it is blinking pull over, turn your car off and call a mechanic immediately! If it is constant you can continue driving but should contact your mechanic as soon as possible. Once your check engine light is on you should schedule an evaluation with a technician that uses an On-Board Diagnostics System (ODB). OBD I equipped cars (80 – 90) will tell a technician if there is a problem with the emissions control systems. OBD II equipped cars (90 – today) allow technicians to plug into your car, and will get a numeric code telling them what is amiss.

Basic Troubleshooting Costs


Basic Troubleshooting*

Check Engine Code Diagnosis*

*Based on 1 Hour




Atypical Mechanic



What We Do

Run Diagonstic Tests
Identify Issues

Provide detailed report
Make repairs

Good To Know


 Check your gas cap, a loose gas cap may trigger the Check Engine Light. 

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