Pre Purchase Inspection





Our pre purchase inspections go over the entire car front to back, inside and out. We provide a thorough checklist when we are done and a detailed report on your receipt. Because the person inspecting the car is an ASE certified mechanic that also repair vehicles we know what to look for and what are the common issues with your car.

We check all the parts in the engine compartment not just the Engine. It’s important to not only identify issues with the engine like low or burnt oil, but to identify other issues under the hood like wire damage and oil on modules. When we check the Exterior we note any blemishes and look for any body work that has been done in the past. When we evaluate the Interior we look for blemishes and check that all the buttons and components work properly. When we inspect the Chassis we check everything under the body. We check everything from the steering and suspension systems to looking for rust eating through the frame. We also check for any codes in the system. Not just in the system that controls the check engine light but in all the modules that run the car.

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Pre Purchase Inspection



Atypical Mechanic


What We Do

Check For Codes In All Systems
Check For Previous Flooding

Check For Previous Accidents
Provide Detailed Report

Good To Know


 Check your gas cap, a loose gas cap may trigger the Check Engine Light. 

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