Intermittent Starting Issue

Intermittent starting issue on 1999 Nissan Maxima.

The starter would not make any noise at all. The starter was under warranty.

We had to diagnose this car a couple of times. It seemed like every time we touched the car it would start again. We finally were able to check voltage at the small wire when turning the key. There was no voltage at the small wire.

We checked the ignition switch and found voltage while the key was turned. We looked for a starter relay, but Nissan used a multi-use relay called the inhibit relay. We pulled the relay and checked the connectors. When we put it back, the car started. We replaced the inhibit relay and cleaned the connector on the small wire of the starter, for good measure.

If you have an intermittent starting issue, and you are sure the starter is good, check the inhibit relay. It is under the hood, in front of the battery.

Starting issues.

If your car does not start, the first thing you want to do is to check for any symptoms. Is the engine cranking? Is there any clicking when you turn the key? If you hear multiple clicking, then there is a good chance you need a battery.

If you hear one single click, you are looking at a few different possibilities. One is a bad connection at the battery. Find the battery and wiggle the terminals. If they move around at all, they need to be tightened. Also wiggle the wires going to the battery terminals. If they move around at all, they need to be secured better. A loose terminal or wire can definitely prevent a car from starting. The other possibility is a bad starter. If the starter is bad, it needs to be replaced.

If the engine cranks and cranks but won’t engage you will need to call us. This means you have either an ignition (spark) or fuel problem. There is a long list of reasons this could happen.

If your car does not start try to listen to the symptoms, it will help the technician diagnose the problem.

Car Won’t Start

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