Check Engine Warning Light

A customer complained of a knocking noise and a check engine warning light.

We checked the codes and found several codes for some cylinders misfiring and a P0300 indicating a multiple misfire. There is a TSB for these engines pointing to a valve or camshaft issue. The knocking noise sounded like it was coming from the timing chain, but it was difficult to locate the origin of the noise. We checked the oil level, and it was very low. We added 5 quarts of oil and cleared the codes.

Most new cars come with variable valve timing. These systems have different names, i.e. VTEC or VVT, but they all have similar set ups. They have a solenoid that uses oil pressure to change the timing of the intake or exhaust valves. When the oil level is low, it can make a lot of, often a knocking noise.

Basic Troubleshooting

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