Broken Teeth on Your Flywheel

Broken Teeth on Your Flywheel?

If you hear a grinding noise when you’re trying to start your car you might have some broken teeth on your flywheel. There is obviously other possibilities but its worth investigating.

The flywheel, also called a flex-plate on automatics, is bolted to the back of the engine. Between the engine and the transmission. It has teeth along the outer edge that the starter gear engages to spin the engine. If the teeth are damaged the starter will have no way to turn the engine. It will make an awful metal against metal noise.

Grinding Noise?

If you hear a grinding noise when you start the car it is possible that the flywheel is damaged. But there is another possibility. On some car the starter may be out of position believe it or not. You can change the depth at which the starter engages the flywheel using shims. The shims go between the starter and the engine block.

Checking the Flywheel

If you think the starter is fine you will have to check the flywheel visually. To do that you have to take the starter off and look at the teeth on the flywheel. If they are nicked or broken off you will have to replace the flywheel.

Replacing the flywheel requires taking off the transmission. It’s a big job so you might consider having a technitian repair the flywheel.

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