A/C Filter Replacement

A/C Filter Replacement

The A/C filter (cabin air filter) replacement is often neglected. In fairness if you don’t replace the filter, it won’t affect the operation of the car. But it will affect the air flow when using the A/C or the heater.

The A/C filter (cabin air filter) sits between the blower motor and the heater core/evaporator. It basically filters the air blowing into the car. Replacing a dirty filter can dramatically increase the air flow of the blower motor.

Replacing the A/C filter if usually easy. A lot of times they even have directions in the box! If not you can usually access the A/C filter behind the glove box. On a lot of cars you can push two tabs and pull the glove box past its stop points. On Hondas you have to pop the tabs out to move the glove box. Once the glove box is hanging down you can access the filter cover plate. It’s a plastic cover that has two tabs. It pulls strait out and pops right back in. Its hard to describe over text but is very intuitive when you’re looking at the glove box.

If your’re not comfortable trying to replace the filter don’t give it a shot. It’s not a necessary replacement and it can wait until you have to service the car for something else!

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